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Why is there a campaign?

In England and Wales, unlike elsewhere in the world, the public cannot assume there is an automatic right to have access to rivers.

People are incredulous when they are made aware of this situation. The campaign is to secure this right as a matter of public interest. In the UK, Scotland already enjoys that right.

Research has revealed that prior to 1830, it was generally accepted the public had a historical right of access to rivers. Legal opinions since have continued to diminish this position and created a lack of clarity for such a right.

Who is the campaign for?

The campaign is not just for canoeists. It is for all members of the public who share the view that a legal right for access to and along water would provide enormous recreational, educational and economic opportunities.

A right of access will provide certainty for the future of water related sport and recreation. The campaign has gained support from many interest groups and organisations who seek more access to enjoy the natural water environment - swimmers, anglers, walkers etc.

This website is updated regularly so do log it as one of your favourites and come back and visit regularly. To date we have had over 50,000 people visit this website and 10,000 people have logged their support for RIvers Access Campaign. We are extremely proactive in presenting the issue of access. The latest Campaign News is always available under Campaign Comment.

How you can help the campaign

How you can help the campaign

Print your own poster here
We have got this far because of your support but there are things you can do to help us .. Raising awareness .... letter writing and also here to see what they are..

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Support the Rivers Access Campaign. Over 10,000 people have logged their support so far!

Access Incidents
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Campaign Comment
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